Novell vision

“ Is to be remembered as the professional company that  changed the pharmaceutical industry in Egypt and MENA region  from  prospective of our valued respected customer as well as  our loyal professional  team “

Novell  Missions

  • Our customers are the priority and we will do everything in our power to exceed their expectations.
  • to make sure Salesforce is a platform for changing the market through building strong competent team within encouraging culture.
  • we hold ourselves to the highest standard of integrity in which our action will be acceptable if the whole world was watching.
  • is to enrich people life by delivering excellent quality high value-added products & service that we are proud to put our name on
  • our strategic priority is that we believe we can transform Novell into a company that spread phenomenal growth

Novell Values

  • Our Values express the personal behaviors that will help Novell  accomplish its Mission and Vision. 
  • Everyone at Novell live the values of Trust , Integrity , Respect and Partnership for both  . .

internal & external customers .

  • Our Values gain real meaning and purpose when we make them a living part of our culture.

 Novell Objectives

Novell Egypt is building a huge   marketing & Sales team. Therefore, it is our company’s primary objective to achieve an outstanding growth and earn a primary market position within the giant pharmaceutical company.

Naturally, this can only be realized through the dedicated efforts and loyalty of the full “Novell  Team”.

 To optimally motivate the members of this team, it is our objective to offer a positive and challenging working environment, in combination with individual challenges, opportunities and strong development program for our partner’s development.

A key aspect of the above company objective is the implementation of an objective performance appraisal system based on clear job descriptions for all sales and marketing functions.

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